December 2013 SHOESLetter: News From Craig Shoemaker

Dear Laughers,


Since there is so much to announce, I’m going to bullet point it, rather than try to entertain you with prose.


  • Our Vodcast (a podcast where you can SEE us) is moving to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk. Should be a blast, since lots of Hollywood action goes on there, with the TV show EXTRA right next door. First guest is comic icon Jon Lovitz himself, and then followed by Last Comic Standing Champ, John Heffron. to download the show (live on Wednesdays Noon-2 PST)
  • The 90-minute standup special, Daditude, originally aired on Showtime Network, is now streaming on Netflix. Cannot believe the positive response it’s getting, with thousands of ratings and great comments after only one week of being released. Check it out, and tell ‘em what you think. Unless you think it sucks, then just keep your thoughts quiet and write me an email or something.
  • Starting a new TV show at TheStream.TV called “The Wizard of HaHas.” It is a talk show that’s been percolating for some time, and now this silly journey to bettering out lives through humor and inspired thought, will be first aired on and then easily seen anytime after that on **IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF OUR AUDIENCE, contact me ASAP at


  • My production company, Laughter Heals Productions, has a new CEO! Anthony Lauberth is taking over the reigns, allowing me to do more “creating” instead of “belating” projects because I get too busy. Also on our team is accomplished genius graphic artist, Jeff Pittle. (BTW, if you need graphics, animation etc – this is your guy!) Our rebooted Shoemaker team is finally going to get the documentary made about the healing powers of laughter! Stay tuned for the opportunity to be part of our Laughter Heals Movie!

Still touring. Check the schedule at also newly revamped,, which is pretty full for 2014. If I’m not headed to your ‘hood, email me and put in a request. Or, have me play your party. But no clown makeup. I have standards.


Have a fun filled holiday season. Laugh on!




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